All The Tools In Every Level To Get You Where You Want To Be!

You've come to the right place to learn to dance Bachata! Our courses are catered for beginners to advanced and broken down in easy to understand lessons. We give you the how and why, not just moves! (Although we have those too!) 

Bachata Basics

This mini course covers all of the steps you need to get you started dancing Bachata with confidence and style! Detailed, guided practice and tips will have you dancing in no time. Plus bonus material that rarely gets time and attention in normal in person classes. This is a partial of our complete Level 1!

Let's Take It Slow!

Level 1 - Bachata Membership

Now you are ready for the complete Level 1 Bachata Course! A rock solid foundation is what you will have upon completion. Steps, body/hip movement, etiquette and more so you can feel comfortable, confident and enjoy your time on the dance floor!

Full Course Now!

Level 2 - Bachata Membership

This is a fun level to be working in! You have a strong foundation, you know your basic steps but how do you do more and add to it? It's time to really start to grow. You have seen other people looking good on the dance floor and now it's your turn! Let's go!


Let's Level Up!

Level 3 - Bachata Membership

You are serious about Bachata and want to elevate your social game, perform or simply just love to learn more. This course covers technique as always but complicated moves and embellishment you are sure to love. Are you ready?


I'm Ready!

Bachata Master Webinars

Get the added bonus of 4 Webinar Sessions! These are specialty workshops held every 3 months that feature drills, practice sessions and all of the extras we can't fit into a normal course. These are for all levels and will be sure to challenge you and give you the tools you need to continue growing as a dancer!


Bachata Coaching Sessions

Accelerate your growth and get the help you need along your dance journey with these 6 Live Coaching Sessions! Each ONE HOUR in length to ask any questions, to receive help with any steps and movements so you can progress even faster! We can demonstrate live for you, watch you execute the moves and provide you feedback. We can go over anything you want to get better. You won't regret getting this personalized, one-on-one attention online!