Our Mini Courses Are A Great Way To Start Your Journey Of Dance!

We remember our first dance class like it was yesterday! So we designed these videos as if we were taking it ourselves all over again. This is a small taste of what we have to offer throughout the different levels of Bachata, Salsa and Fitness 4 Dancers. We are sure you will learn, have fun, grow and will be ready to take the next step. We can't wait to watch and help you along the way!



The Essentials

Everyone dancing as a hobby, as a career or anywhere in between can benefit greatly from all of our Fitness 4 Dancers programs! The Essentials, as its namesake, gives you exactly what you need to prevent injuries, enjoy dancing even more and improve your stamina. It will make your time of dancing feel even better! Foam rolling, Ball Therapy, Mobility Exercises and Stretches designed with you in mind to not only improve your overall health but make your dancing better!

I'm Ready for Self-Care!

Bachata Basics Mini-Course

This mini course covers all of the steps you need to get you started dancing Bachata with confidence and style! Detailed, guided practice and tips will have you dancing in no time. Plus bonus material that rarely gets time and attention in normal in person classes. This is a partial of our complete Level 1!

Let's Get Started!

Salsa Shines Level 1

Learning to shine without your partner is a very basic component of dancing Salsa. Learn not only different shines/footwork to incorporate but also when and how. There are 24 videos explained in detailed fashion, step by step with guided practice so you can "shine" on the dance floor!

I'm Ready for the Challenge!